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Next week, two crucial hearings will take place that could significantly impact our mission. Your presence and participation are urgently needed. We are on a mission to make sure every voice that wants to be heard is at the table. If you would like us to automatically add your name in PRO for the bills that we have outlined in our agenda, click the link below. This is the best way to make sure you’re being heard, and will save you a lot of time signing in individually.

Monday, Jan 15: A Day for Strategic Support

While we don’t require a large physical presence on this day, your online participation is critical. There will be a hearing on SB 5444, a lifesaving measure designed to keep firearms out of places like our parks, libraries, zoos, and transit centers. Legislators are already receiving a high volume of opposition messages. It’s imperative that they hear our collective voice too.

Tuesday, Jan 16: A Day of Maximum Mobilization!

THIS IS THE BIG ONE! The House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee will be hearing FIVE extremely important bills, and we need your help in voicing your support for life-saving gun violence prevention policies.

Hearings on Key Bills:

HB 1902Permit to Purchase 
HB 2054Bulk Weapons Purchases
HB 1903Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms
HB 2118Dealer Accountability
HB 2021Keeping Crime Guns Off the Street

This is a crucial day for us. We must show our strength in numbers and make our collective voice heard.

Every email, every sign-in, and every testimony makes a difference. Lawmakers do take note of our collective actions. Let’s ensure they hear loud and clear from their constituents.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against gun violence. Thank you for standing with us in this crucial fight.

Warm Regards,

Alex (she/her)

Field Organizer

Alliance for Gun Responsibility 

P.S. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out our legislative agenda here.

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