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ECC - ARC Joint Meeting on Solar Siting 
Thursday 18:30 27 October
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ARC joins ECC program on energy siting

We know ARC, Ag and Rural Caucus. Well, our sister organization is ECC, Environment and Climate Caucus. Steve Verhey, a long-standing ARC friend  and chair of ECC, has invited us to join ECC’s meeting on solar siting.

Steve and I have long lamented the overlap of our respective meetings. This meeting is an exception. It meets 1830 (6:30 pm) on Thursday the 27th of October.

Mike Ritter of WDFW will talk about solar project siting in Washington, with a look at the longer-term ecological effects.

ECC members are fellow Democrats with a little different take on some of our core issues but they always bring expertise to the table. It is important that we communicate and learn. This is an opportunity to learn more about an issue that is important to us, and to share our perspective.

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ARC Quarterly Meeting
Thursday 18:30 20 October


ARC’s quarterly meeting is Thursday 20 October at 6:30 pm. The agenda is a round table on local and congressional elections. Please invite your candidates if available.
It is easy to lose track of the issues we address. We take snapshots of issues around the state and then move on, for example, from flood control and habitat recovery on the Chehalis to childhood stress and social policy.

Rural problems do not go away just because we have moved on. This month I include links to selected articles about issues we have visited, just to give you a sense of continuity.
Two items have added to the discussion about the Lower Snake River Dams. The Murray – Inslee report adopted our ex ante mitigation advocacy, while NOAA explicitly does not address trade-offs. 

Murray – Inslee report:
NOAA: NPR;  document
Another legacy issue is regulation of the dairy industry in the Lower Yakima basin. The state does not require CAFO permits until after a problem has arisen. Ecology has proposed closer regulation of small operations, under 200 head of cattle.
Washington farms fret over Ecology’s promises over CAFO permits
Black Rock on Highway 24 in Yakima County is the site of multiple applications for solar development.
EFESEC extends deadline for Yakima County solar projects
Floodplain Integrated Planning in the Nooksack basin is a point of optimism, but does it complement or challenge water right adjudication?
What the Nooksack River’s climate tailspin mean for people and fish.

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