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Ag and Rural Caucus Call To Meeting, August 2022


Courtney Flatt: A Conversation
Thursday 1830 August 18, 2022 

Courtney Flatt
Northwest Public Broadcasting; Northwest News Network

Bring your ideas, imagination and good humor

Courtney will get us started Thursday evening but then it will be up to us to keep the conversation going. This is not our usual analysis-heavy event. Befitting a warm August evening, we plan for a wide-ranging conversation. Start with ideas for stories of important or neglected local issues and then move to more speculative ideas.

Joe Pakootas, a CD 5 candidate several cycles ago, talked about his tribal bias for thinking seven generations out when thinking about public policy. This is your chance to so indulge your imagination.

16 August 2022

Imagine our Futures

Put yourself in Courtney’s shoes for a moment. What do you think are the important issues for rural Washington? Then up the bar a notch or two and imagine what rural Washington will look like in twenty years – 2042. That is not so far off. What will our neighborhoods and economies look like and what will be our issues? And bring your thought experiment to our conversation with Courtney on the 18th.

4 August 2022


August is our spumoni month. Some of us are busy in wheat harvest and haying while others are taking vacation with the kids before the start of school; some of us are spending evenings and weekends knocking on doors for our candidates, and others of us are simply keeping our heads low and looking for a respite from the heat. No flavor is quite right for everyone.

So, join us on the 18th for a spumoni-type evening with Courtney Flatt of Northwest Public Broadcasting. Courtney covers “environmental, natural resources, and energy issues in the Northwest.” Sound familiar? We will sit down – via Zoom of course – and chat with Courtney about she sees as the emerging natural resource issues of our region. I am not asking Courtney to do a presentation so much as to stimulate a conversation. I hope for a wide-ranging conversation with your ideas melding with Courtney’s in a fun exchange…kind of a spumoni ice cream sort of evening.

Please put 18 August at 6:30 pm on your calendar.

31 July 2022

Join the conversation this Thursday evening.

15 July 2022

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