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ARC July Better Practices

July Schedule

6:30 pm Thursday 6 July
 Better Practices roundtable

LD 7: Where to start
Kathie Schutte, Lisa Wolfe, Katie Haven, Karen Keleman


Policy Series
Vacation: No Policy program in July

I wrote last week that LD 7 is big and it is red. Neither is unique to LD 7. LD 9 is very large as well. I have not calculated square miles but take a look at the map. And certainly, Grant County is red, as is Columbia County.

Is there something more? Tolstoy has it that “every family is unhappy in its own way.” Is each difficult district unique? Or are rural districts enough the same to permit generalization?

For some reason, the north counties feel different than it does in Moses Lake or Dayton. What may be shared is a perspective that nature is to be managed. Natural resources are to be employed to generate income, albeit in a way that keeps on producing (“sustainable”). There is more, but just what is it?

Thursday may start out as a nuts-and-bolts discussion of how to build a progressive party from scratch in a remote, rural community, but we may try to figure out what makes it so difficult.


LD 7 is big and it is red. It takes four and a half hours to drive, in the summer. It is home to Washington’s backwoods radicals. The electoral trend for Democrats is not good. In 2018 Democratic LD candidates won 32 percent; 2019 the votes were 28 and 25 percent. In 2022 no Democrats ran for the house or the senate. Maybe not so bad actually, since no Democrats ran in 2016 either.

So, what do you do as a Democrat in LD 7? What is your first step, since you pretty much are starting from scratch? Or, are you?

Join Kathie (Kat) Schutte (PDO), Lisa Wolfe (ST), Katie Haven (OK), and Karen Keleman (DG) to talk about backwoods organizing.

For more about Washington’s backwoods radicals, check out OPB’s Bundyland podcast on Stevens County:  https://www.spreaker.com/user/oregonpublicbroadcasting/b2-finals-ep4

The series title is Better Practices, not Best Practices. We each have our own experience with what works well. Join us to learn from your colleagues and to share your own experience.


Our Better Practices roundtable is on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm.. Use the link above for 2023.

Our Policy Series is on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. Use the link above for 2023. 

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