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ACLU Supporter, if we don’t act now, countless families and children will be at risk.

Our country is built on the promise of hope and freedom for those fleeing persecution, violence, war, and human rights violations around the world.

But right now, our elected leaders are considering abandoning these core values – gutting our asylum system, terrorizing our neighbors and families, and in turn, scaring people from seeking critical protection. And all in exchange for unrelated short-term funding.

Congress cannot trade away our morals for political deals – which is why it’s so important that lawmakers hear from every one of us. Tell your representatives to protect people seeking safety NOW by rejecting violent anti-immigrant policies.

ACLU Supporter, the policies that Congress is considering are inhumane and ineffective – and will only lead to more unfairness and suffering without making real improvements that our immigration system desperately needs.

What Congress should be spending their time on is debating and passing meaningful immigration reform – including support to border communities, humane solutions for border management, improved processes for screening at ports of entry, and faster work authorization for people seeking asylum.

Our values – and the safety and wellbeing of people seeking asylum – are not chips to be traded away for political points.

It is shameful that Congress is even considering a deal that would endanger people who are seeking safety, and put families in the United States at greater risk of wrongful arrest and deportation. Tell your members of Congress to unequivocally REJECT any attempts to restrict asylum.

Thank you for speaking out,

The ACLU Team

American Civil Liberties Union
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