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“The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act has the votes to pass, but what it doesn’t have is the time to wait.”– Ria Tabacco Mar, Director of the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, at the December 1 Rally on Capitol Hill for Pregnant Workers

ACLU Supporter: Dire health consequences, including preterm birth, miscarriage, and low birth weight… Financial devastation, including loss of income and benefits, homelessness and poverty…

This is what millions of pregnant and postpartum workers are facing in America. And because of needless stalling by our senators, we’re now in the midst of a rapidly narrowing window to address these serious issues. Here’s the reality – and why we must act immediately:

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act – PWFA – is a long overdue bill that combats pregnancy discrimination and protects the health, safety, and economic security of pregnant workers.

The ACLU and our coalition partners have worked for more than a decade to build the bipartisan support needed to pass PWFA. It passed with overwhelming support in the House over a year ago. And for well over 6 months, it’s had more than 60 votes to pass in the Senate. Despite all of this, the common-sense measure to protect pregnant workers and their families has not moved.

The leadership of the U.S. Senate must not let a handful of misguided opponents derail passage of PWFA. This is unacceptable and, frankly, it’s untenable. Parents, workers, and families are relying on us and on the Senate to get this widely-supported bill over the finish line, ACLU Supporter.

We can’t sit quietly as families are deprived of the relief they desperately need. There is no “next year” for PWFA and we will not allow the Senate to let this bill die.

That’s why so many of us from the gender and women’s rights community, the civil rights community, and the maternal health community showed up at Capitol Hill to rally two weeks ago – including myself and my ACLU colleague Ria – to make clear to our senators that there is simply no more time to wait on PWFA. And that’s why I’m asking you to join our urgent calls to action now:

Send a message to your senators and tell them not to leave for the holidays until they bring PWFA to a vote.

For the health and economic safety of the millions of pregnant workers – especially women of color – who form the backbone of this economy and this nation, there cannot be any more delays.

Yes, we are angry. Yes, we are tired. Yes, we are frustrated. But more importantly, we’re motivated and we are not letting the Senate get away with inaction right now. Let’s make this happen, ACLU Supporter.

In solidarity,

Vania Leveille
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