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ACLU Supporter, over the last year, we’ve witnessed unprecedented attacks on our personal liberties. But at every turn, our lawyers, advocates, and organizers responded fast and fervently because when it comes to people’s freedoms, our rights can’t wait. They are just too important.

You know this fact well. It’s why you showed up with steadfast support across our work this year. And that’s why before the holiday season sets in, we wanted to give our thanks to you and let you know just what a tangible difference you made.

Our lawyers secured 80 legal wins thus far in 2023 – in courts across the country and all the way up to the Supreme Court.

This work was bolstered by your activism: You and your fellow ACLU community members took nearly 663,000+ digital actions this year – signing petitions, contacting Congress, and demanding change from national leaders nationwide.

Plus, over 700,000 volunteers mobilized as part of ACLU’s grassroots People Power network to advocate and organize for change on the ground in communities across all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

In response to a wave of unprecedented book bans and restrictions on curriculums across the country, the ACLU has moved swiftly to protect students’ and educators’ right to learn and teach nationwide – including challenging classroom censorship laws in Florida, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma.

When Roe was overturned and a wave of extreme abortion bans swept the nation, we didn’t wait to take action. From Florida to Idaho, the ACLU and our affiliates have swiftly taken legal action in 16 states plus Guam to block abortion bans.

In the face of discriminatory voter suppression tactics and as a major national election in 2024 looms before us, our attorneys are working nonstop to protect and expand the rights of voters across the country, with 8 active voter suppression suits across 7 states, and 11 legal challenges against discriminatory and gerrymandered maps.

The ACLU team, our affiliates, and millions of ACLU supporters (including you!) also worked to protect our rights to be authentically ourselves, to seek asylum, and to simply be treated with humanity, including 10 challenges against laws that target lifesaving, gender-affirming healthcare for trans people, a major litigation against the newest asylum ban that aims to protect the legal rights of hundreds of thousands of people, including more than 500,000 asylum seekers subject to the ban already this year, and so much more.

ACLU Supporter, as we’ve demonstrated this year and throughout the last 100 years, the ACLU is the best-equipped organization to take on urgent fights to protect our liberties.

For all our rights that could not wait this year – and for all the rights that cannot wait up ahead – we thank you for never hesitating to show up to support our critical mission.

With endless thanks,

The ACLU Team

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