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In this post Roe landscape, where abortion is criminalized, data may be used to target, threaten, and prosecute those seeking health care – we are already seeing it happen across the country.

As more states move to prosecute those seeking abortion care, your data is seen as a commodity that can be bought and sold. For example, in May 2022, a company called SafeGraph sold the location data of people who visited abortion clinics, including more than 600 Planned Parenthoods over a one-week period for just $160.

No one should have to fear for their safety and privacy when accessing the health care they need. This is why you need to sign in PRO on HB 1155 and urge lawmakers to pass the Washington My Health Data Act, a bill that prohibits health entities from selling Washingtonians’ health data.

Please note: This link will take you to a third-party website, leg.wa.gov.

This bill will also prevent apps and websites — like health tracking apps, search engines and advertisers, and many other entities — from collecting and sharing Washingtonian’s health data without their consent.

Sign in PRO on the Washington My Health, My Data Act and send lawmakers the message that protecting our privacy is a crucial step towards safeguarding health care access.

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