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Did you know that today medication abortions account for more than half the abortions in the United States? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised then that it’s the latest frontier in the fight for abortion rights. Anti-abortion politicians and extremist groups are using every trick in the book to attempt to outlaw mifepristone – one of two drugs used in medication abortion – as part of their larger, concerted campaign to ban abortion nationwide.

Here are some quick facts about mifepristone and why it’s essential to abortion access:

  • Since the FDA approved mifepristone 22 years ago, millions of people have used it to safely end an early pregnancy or treat a miscarriage
  • Today, it’s used in more than half of abortions across the country
  • Study after study has shown it’s safe and effective
  • Because of ACLU litigation, people living in many states where abortion is legal can get a medication abortion after a telehealth visit without having to travel to an abortion provider

Yet, despite its proven track record, the FDA has left in place unnecessary restrictions that make it harder for patients to get a medication abortion. And worse yet anti-abortion politicians and groups are doing everything they can to ban medication abortion nationwide.

ACLU Supporter, mifepristone access is necessary for our reproductive freedom. Learn more about this vital medication and why we’re doing everything we can to keep it as accessible as we can, in every place we can.

As we go into the first year without the protections of Roe v. Wade, there’s a lot on the line for reproductive freedom nationwide. In the coming weeks, we’ll update you on our ongoing fight to protect this essential part of abortion access. In the meantime, learn more and spread the word.

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