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Decline to sign I-2113 and I-2081.

People are gathering signatures on petitions to qualify six initiatives for the November 2024 ballot. One of these initiatives takes aim at laws protecting Washingtonians from dangerous, high-speed police pursuits – the second leading cause of deaths from police activities. Another seeks to erode the trusted relationship between students, their teachers, and their health care providers, putting students, and their personal information, at risk.

The initiative numbers are I-2113 and I-2081. You can take action now to prevent these initiatives from qualifying:

  • Don’t sign these initiative petitions.
  • Tell your friends and family not to sign them.
  • Report any signature gatherers you see for these initiatives to this hotline run by our partners:

(425) 553-2157

The Washington State Legislature has taken important steps in recent years to prevent deaths and injuries resulting from unnecessary high-speed police pursuits, and to ensure that all students feel safe in Washington’s public schools. Let’s not allow reactionary forces to roll back this progress for civil liberties and civil rights.

Thank you,

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