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It’s been a busy summer for the ACLU. From reacting to Supreme Court decisions to addressing ongoing attacks on the trans community, our lawyers have been working around the clock to continue leading the fight for all of our civil liberties.

Read on to learn more about our most recent critical work:

  1. In Alabama, we’re suing to protect access to abortion.

    On July 31, we filed a lawsuit to prevent prosecutors from targeting providers seeking to support those in Alabama who need to access abortion care outside of their state in states where it is legal. We’re representing health care providers who have been forced to stop providing critical information, counseling, and practical support to individuals who simply want to exercise their constitutional right to cross state lines and obtain legal medical care following threats made by the Alabama Attorney General.
  2. In Idaho, we filed a similar lawsuit to protect abortion providers.

    The same day we filed in Alabama, we secured a win in a similar lawsuit in Idaho. A federal district judge barred the Idaho Attorney General from enforcing a legal opinion that claimed the state’s abortion ban allowed for prosecuting doctors who refer patients out of state for abortion care. This ruling sends a clear message to Idaho politicians and anti-abortion extremists across the country: Prosecuting doctors for helping their patients access out-of-state abortion care is a brazen constitutional overreach that will not be tolerated.
  3. Meanwhile, in Tennessee, we’re suing to overturn a trans health care ban.

    On behalf of parents and their transgender daughter, we’re suing the state of Tennessee over its trans health care ban. The law would ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth, threatening their well-being and the rights of their parents. This cruelly blocks access to care that’s recommended by every major medical association, which would have a profoundly negative impact on the over 3,000 trans youth in the state. We’ll be heading to court September 1.
  4. Finally, in Chicago, we’re challenging discriminatory lending policies that disproportionately harm Black women.

    In two historic filings, housing advocates are challenging policies of two large landlords in Cook County, Illinois, that automatically reject applicants who have any prior connection to an eviction case, alleging the policies discriminate against Black renters, especially Black women, in violation of the 1968 Fair Housing Act. “These blanket bans prolong the trauma of eviction and especially destabilize Black women and families by trapping them in poverty,” explains Sandra Park, senior staff attorney at the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project.

From defending systemic equity in housing to protecting the right to make decisions about our own bodies, the ACLU is uniquely prepared to defend all of our civil liberties. We’ve got the experience – over 100 years of it. And we’ve got the team for it – lawyers, organizers, and activists on the ground in all fifty states, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

With supporters like you by our side, we know we have the power to build a more perfect union. Thank you for being with us, and we’ll continue to keep you updated with more soon.

The ACLU Team

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