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8th Legislative District
Democratic Central Committee

Greetings 8th Legislative District Democrat PCOs:

There are big things on the horizon and I wanted to reach out and talk about them.

Legislative Map 

On or about Feb. 10, the Legislative Map for the 8th Legislative District will change significantly. Much of Eastern Kennewick and all of the City of West Richland will move to the 16th LD. And West Pasco moves from the 9th LD to the 8th LD. The new 8th LD will include all of Richland, large portions of Kennewick and West Pasco. If your LD changes, you remain a PCO for the rest of your term, but will now attend meetings and be part of the 16th LD.

Important Upcoming Meetings 

General Membership Meeting, Thursday, March 10 at 6:30 pm via Zoom.This will be the first membership meeting of the newly mapped 8th LDDCC. The Washington State Democratic Party will provide our 8th LD with an updated PCO list in late February. State Party rules allow appointed and elected PCOs to decide, at this meeting, if they wish to have a modified Reorg. and set an election for Chair and Vice Chair. Also, if and ONLY if, one-third or more of the elected and appointed PCOs from the newly mapped 8th LD are from West Pasco, then the PCOs can decide which LD bylaws will be followed going forward, the 8th LDDCC bylaws or the 9th. 

March 26, Saturday at 10 am, the 8th LDDCC Caucus will be held via Zoom. The main purpose of this meeting is to select 14 delegates and 7 alternates to the Washington State Democratic Party convention on June 25. The convention will be held in Tacoma, but delegates may attend in person or virtually.  

Next Election Cycle 

Update. Our 8th LDDCC Election Committee is continuing work to recruit candidates to run for the legislature. All three 8th legislative positions are open and no incumbents are running. A Republican has already filed for each of the three legislative posts. 

I would like to thank the PCOs that are being redistricted to the 16th LD for their support and work; it has been appreciated! Everett Maroon is the current Chair of the 16th LD and I’m sure you will be quickly embraced into their organization.

I sincerely hope all 8th LDDCC PCOs will attend the Zoom meetings on March 10 and March 26. Calls to meetings and Zoom links will be forwarded closer to the meeting dates.

As Always,

Christopher Tracy, Chair