Out of 57894 ballots from BEFR Democrats, 41 were unsigned. Please remember to sign your ballots!
In Benton and Franklin Counties, 57894 Democrats have voted out of 170206 ballots giving a turnout percentage of 26.26%.
Check the status of your ballot at https://voter.votewa.gov/WhereToVote.aspx
As of11/21/2023
Total Known Democrats*540978
BE Democrats23384
FR Democrats7253
Total BEFR Democrats30637
Other Democrats510341
Total BEFR Voters170206
BE Voters126284
FR Voters43922
Total BEFR Ballots in57894
BE Ballots in45514
FR Ballots in12380
Total Turnout %34.01%
BE Turnout %36.04%
FR Turnout %28.19%
Total BEFR Dem Ballots in15204
Outstanding BEFR Dem Ballots15433
BE Dem Ballots in12140
FR Dem Ballots in3064
BE Other Ballots in33374
FR Other Ballots in9316
BEFR Democratic %26.26%
Total BEFR Ballots Rejected885
BE Ballots Rejected672
FR Ballots Rejected215
Total BEFR Dem Ballots Rejected162
BE Dem Ballots Rejected123
FR Dem Ballots Rejected39
— Unsigned41
— Signature Does Not Match38
Other Rejected Count723
Daily Ballots Cured**5
Daily Dem Ballots Cured0
*Voted in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary in any county except KI PI SN SP
**Status went from Rejected on previous day to Accepted on current day