2022 Ballot Tracking

Ballot Tracking Dashboard

Ballot counts for Benton, Franklin, and Yakima counties have been included to help show the Democratic ballot percentage from the major population centers of the 4th Congressional District.
Out of 21824 ballots from BEFR Democrats, 35 were unsigned. Please remember to sign your ballots!
In Benton and Franklin Counties, 21824 Democrats have voted out of 99636 ballots giving a percentage of 21.90%. In the three counties, 37365 Democrats have voted out of 163593 ballots giving a three county percentage of 22.84%.
Check the status of your ballot at https://voter.votewa.gov/WhereToVote.aspx.
As of11/29/2022
Total Known Democrats*540978
BE Democrats23384
FR Democrats7253
YK Democrats24185
Total BEFRYK Democrats54822
Other Democrats486156
Total BEFRYK Ballots in163593
Total BEFR Ballots in99636
BE Ballots in77005
FR Ballots in22631
YK Ballots in63957
Total BEFRYK Dem Ballots in37365
Outstanding BEFRYK Dem Ballots17457
Total BEFR Dem Ballots in21824
BE Dem Ballots in17061
FR Dem Ballots in4763
YK Dem Ballots in15541
BE Other Ballots in59944
FR Other Ballots in17868
YK Other Ballots in48416
BEFRYK Democratic %22.84%
BEFR Democratic %21.90%
Total BEFR Ballots Rejected940
BE Ballots Rejected678
FR Ballots Rejected262
Total BEFR Dem Ballots Rejected115
BE Dem Ballots Rejected80
FR Dem Ballots Rejected35
— Unsigned35
— Signature Does Not Match41
Other Rejected Count825
Daily Ballots Cured**154
Daily Dem Ballots Cured21
*Voted in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary in any county except KI PI SN SP
**Status went from Rejected on previous day to Accepted on current day
Results to Date11/29/2022
Doug White70,710
Dan Newhouse150619
White % 4th CD31.20%
Doug White BEFRYK48700
Dan Newhouse BEFRYK102974
Write-in BEFRYK3762
White % BEFRYK31.33%