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When: Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Join Rogue Lobster for a Facebook Live concert. The event is free so please plan to tune in to enjoy some bluegrass music. The roots of this music are rural, just like Danielle’s roots, and we need her love for and service to Eastern Washington in our State Senate. We encourage you to support her campaign: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dgrlobster

Danielle’s website: https://garbereser.com

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Whole Washington Rally

When: Saturday, September 26, at 1 PM

Where: John Dam Plaza

Hosted by Tri-City Democrats

Hello Benton and Franklin County Whole Washington supporters!

Whole Washington is gearing up for a 2021 ballot initiative to establish universal healthcare in Washington state! We want to raise awareness and let EVERYONE know about Whole Washington. You can help the effort by joining a sign event rally on September 26 at 1 PM at John Dam Plaza. Meet in the parking lot behind the HAPO stage on Knight St.

Our goal is to raise awareness about Whole Washington and universal healthcare by holding signs, handing out literature to educate the public, signing up supporters and volunteers, and start having existing volunteers and supporters meet each other. There will be some signs there, but please feel free to make your own. Please RSVP and show up with your mask.

If you want to help collect signatures during our 2021 ballot initiative campaign, please sign-up below. Our goal is to reach at least 1000 volunteers statewide. Having 1000 volunteers will reduce the number of signatures required per volunteer to a doable 325 signature each.

Also, if you support what Whole Washington is doing, please consider donating $10 a month by becoming a recurring donor. Recurring donations lets us strategize for the future. This is a grassroots campaign funded by the people. We don’t plan on winning by out-raising health insurance lobbyists and their allies. We plan on winning by the creativity, passion, and work ethic of our volunteers and supporters. A modest funding base will tremendously help support our volunteer efforts. Our goal is to have at least 1000 people donate $10 a month. You can donate and become a recurring donor at the link:

With a virus killing and harming so many and climate change causing short term and life-long term health issues, universal healthcare is needed more than ever. Hope you can make it to our event. Stay safe and hope all is well.

In Solidarity
Sean Cavanagh – Whole Washington Campaign Director

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TCFE BLM Ally Panel Series- Mamas

When: Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Hosted by Andrea WrightRob Stafford and 3 others

Where: Online Event

Hello friends, family, and allies! After hosting our first ally panel on September 1st we have gotten rave reviews and more folks wanting and willing to connect, participate, and use their voice to continue to draw attention and keep motivation and focus on the movement. Tri-Cities Future Equalizers (TCFE) will be hosting regular ally panels- reaching out to hear from specific groups- Mothers, Fathers, Teens, Interracial couples, Mixed kids, Queer family, Teachers and much more. TCFE acknowledges the time and energy that everyone is putting forth for the sake of the movement and the toll that this kind of work can take… We believe that there is a space and a place for everyone with a pure heart and an open mind who wants to learn and wants to help make it right.. We respect and encourage everyone’s individual talents and skills to join forces and join in the fight. This is a safe space where disrespect will not be tolerated and where differences will be honored instead of diluted. We hope to see you on Tuesday September 22nd at 6:30 pm. This will be an online event- please follow posts to learn about our panelists, and to get updated information about how to attend/view the event. We will be using Zoom and Facebook so check back on the event for instructions to watch and participate. Please download ZOOM before the event in case we decide on a massive Zoom call with everyone on it. This is a public event. Please save the date and share with others who may be interested. We would also love any feedback on who you would like to see on a panel and/or what kind of questions you would like to be asked. We are in this together and stronger than ever. Let’s change the world!!! See you September 22 at 6:30pm!

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Tri-Cities: Join our virtual event with Martin Valadez, the Hon. Phyllis Gutierrez-Kenney, and Rep. Ortiz-Self

When: Thursday, October 15 at 5 PM PDT

Hosted by Friends of Gael Tarleton

Where: Online Event

Please Join Martin Valadez, Rep. Valdez, Rep. Ortiz-Self, and the Hon. Phyllis Gutierrez-Kenney in a Virtual Event for Rep. Gael Tarleton, candidate for Secretary of State!

Date: Thursday, October 15th
Time: 5:00-6:00 pm PST

Zoom Link provided upon RSVP

Guest $50 | Friend $100 | Sponsor $250 | Co-Host $500 | Benefactor $1000 | Champion $2,000

RSVP link: https://act.myngp.com/Forms/9161930503458065408
or RSVP to Braden at braden@voteforgael.org

Thank you for your support of Gael!

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From the chair of the Washington State Democrats:

“We lost a legend tonight. Justice Ginsburg will go down in American history as one of the fiercest advocates for civil rights and equality under the law that we’ve ever been blessed to serve us in public life. Tonight, we send our love and our sympathy to Justice Ginsburg’s family, and we grieve with them as we mourn her loss.””But tomorrow, the work of fighting to protect the rights Justice Ginsburg enshrined in decisions issued from the highest court in the land must continue. The security of so many Americans’ reproductive rights, right to marry whomever they love, and the fundamental right to be treated as equals in our society should never have rested on the shoulders of a five foot tall, 87 year old giant of American jurisprudence. We must recommit ourselves to ensuring America lives up to the vision of a just society Justice Ginsburg brought to life in both the decisions she authored and the example she set for women everywhere. May she rest in peace.”

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Phone Banking Works

Phone Banking Works!! We need your help getting out the vote for all our candidates statewide. If you want to sign up for a phone shift to help reach voters in Eastern Washington, text Washington to 55444 and sign up for a shift! LETS DO THIS!!

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League of Women Voters of Benton-Franklin Counties

Virtual Candidate Forums/Debates for the general election are beginning in late September and through October. As was the case for the primaries, all of these debates will be aired by our wonderful media partner NWPB (KTNW). Go to NWPB2020. As in the primaries, they will also be available for viewing on all NWPB affiliates, the cities of Richland and Pasco, our League’s Facebook page, our website, YouTube, etc.

The State Treasurer’s race will be live webcast and simulcast on Northwest Public Broadcasting. It will also be recorded and available on the LWVWA FB page. The races will be available for viewing for the next several weeks as we approach Eection Day, Tuesday, November 3rd.

Below are the local races to be broadcast by NWPB in conjunction with the LWV of Benton and Franklin Counties. Although pre-recorded, as they were in the primaries, they will be interactive using a rebuttal style format. All debate programs run from 7PM to 8 PM:

September 30th
Benton County Commissioner- District 1 (Delvin & Raffa)
Benton County Commissioner- District 3 (McKay & Beaver)
Franklin County Commissioner-District 1 (Lehrman & Peck)

October 1st
Franklin County Commissioner – District 2 (Mullen & Peralta)
Superior Court Judge – Position 1 (Petersen & Brown)
Legislative District 8 Representative – Position 1 (Klippert & Regev)

October 8th
Legislative District 16 Representative – Position 1 (Chvatal & Klicker)
Legislative District 16 Representative – Position 2 (Rude & Coburn)
Legislative District 16 Representative – Senate (Dozier & Reser)

October 9th
Legislative District 8 Representative – Position 2 (Stanley & Boehnke) Legislative District 9 Representative – Position 1 (Borden & Dye)

FYI- National Televised Debates are:
President: September 29th, October 15th, and October 22th:
Vice President: October 7th

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The Central Committee of the Benton County Democrats has endorsed a number of candidates in the upcoming elections.