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Everyone’s talking about our movement.

Hundreds of feminists took to the Supreme Court yesterday to protect access to medication abortions. 13 of us, including senior leadership, advisors, and board members, got arrested. Together, we made it clear that we won’t tolerate any attacks on our reproductive freedom from an illegitimate Supreme Court.

Yesterday was just the beginning — we’ll be back in Washinton, DC, in a month when SCOTUS begins hearing even more far-right activist led cases in an attempt to undermine our freedoms and democracy.

We want to share some of our favorite headlines about yesterday’s actions. After you finish reading, we’re asking if you can make an urgent donation right now to continue powering our organizing efforts to defend abortion access and our freedom. In a month, the Supreme Court is going to reconvene to determine the future of emergency access to abortions,  Trump’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection attempt, and so much more. It’s critical we continue growing our momentum for the fight against fascism. 

From the New York Times to The Washington Post, Associated Press, and the Hill — everyone is talking about the strength of our movement.

This was exactly the kind of national, women-led uprising we needed as the Supreme Court began to meet to determine the future of abortion care and our freedoms. But our work isn’t over yet, and we’re already running out of time.

It’s going to take all of us working together to defend our freedoms.

We rely exclusively on grassroots donations. We need people chipping in $5, $15, $50 as often as possible to sustain this movement and win.

Let’s do this,

Women’s March

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