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Women’s March activists are taking to the streets right now to let the partisan Supreme Court know that, no matter what their decision is, we will make sure that medication abortion will be available to anyone who needs it.

When the people vote on reproductive freedom, we win. When the compromised Supreme Court decides, we lose. When the court no longer works in favor of democracy and upholding the Constitution, it is time for reform. 

Today, we are talking about this decision regarding medication abortion. Tomorrow, we will be talking about the IVF ruling in Alabama. Or EMTALA, the law that says that hospitals that receive Medicare funds must provide abortion care if it’s necessary to treat a medical emergency. 

We cannot let even one legal attack on our communities go unchecked. Fund the resistance! Click here to give $10 monthly to keep our movement strong. 

There’s no future but the one we make. We have to continue to build with our communities to make sure the judges, politicians, and the judges who are politicians, understand that women wield immense electoral and political power.

We didn’t choose this fight, this fight chose us. Donate $10 monthly to help us fight and win for women and us all.

In struggle, 

Ginna Green

Women’s March, Board Chair 

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