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Photo by Alexandra Charitan

Since the gutting of Roe, our work has shifted in many ways. We have taken our fight to the states, and won. We have been successful in our fights to get ballot initiatives passed, elections won, and toxic legislation stopped in its tracks. However, we still have more work to do. 

And we do this while anti-abortion activists are mobilizing with full force against us, jeopardizing not just our freedoms but our very safety. Can you chip in today to help keep activists safe & able to keep fighting for us all? 

Increasingly, our actions and organizers are being targeted by far-right extremists. The need to make sure our folks are safe from doxxing, disruptive counter-protests, and online harassment has increased significantly since the disastrous Dobbs decision. 

As we continue to block their efforts, antis will become more frustrated and even more volatile. We need to be sure that we can keep our folks safe at protests, actions, and online. 

Can you chip in $15 (or whatever you can) today to help keep activists safe & able to keep fighting for us all?

In struggle, 

Tamika Middleton

Women’s March, Managing Director  

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