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Yesterday, I woke up to a text.

It’s something that I’ve become used to. Extremist right-wing men harassing women activists is nothing new. 

However, in light of the target that the Heritage Foundation has put on feminist groups’ backs in Project 2025, it’s important to believe these extremists when they target us.

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This particular extremist has posted about me, spreading misinformation that would make me less safe and less welcome in the community where I live. His followers have referred to me as the Amarillo Women’s March Jezebel.

And well, if the shoe fits. 🤷‍♀️

am shameless in my fight against extremists attacking our freedoms, our constitutionally protected rights, and democracy itself.

You a wicked Jezebel? Yeah, you are. Take action with us here.

We are wicked smart, and completely up to the task of defeating these bottom of the barrel bigots together. Again. Just like we did in 2020, 2022, and 2023. 

And the time for us to be right back on our Jezebel Shenanigans is RIGHT NOW. On Tuesday, March 26, we will protest SCOTUS in defense of medication abortion.

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Next month, we will get back on our Jezebel Shenanigans again as we fight the attacks on EMTALA and democracy itself, as SCOTUS hears the case that will decide if an insurrectionist can run for the President of the United States. 

These are trying times. But it’s all of us against all of them. And we have more people on our side. Culture on our side. Science on our side. And tell the truth… Who do you really want to be with besides Jezebels in 2024? 💃

See you in the streets, and on the right side of history,


Rachel O’Leary Carmona

Executive Director, Women’s March 

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