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Friends –

I’ll be direct: I need your help. It’s essential that in the face of climate change, growing economic and social disparities, and both natural and human-made disasters we elect leaders with bold, Progressive values.

This month we have a huge fundraising goal to meet, and I’ll admit, we are behind. Can you donate $50, $100, $250 or more today? 

My base is made of you, grassroots supporters — giving what you can every month.

After a three-month fundraising freeze, while I was serving all Washingtonians in the state legislature working on environmental and worker protections, this is my first end of month deadline. These deadlines are important because they will show people across our state that this campaign is the one to win in November. They will show that you support my leadership as the next Commissioner of Public Lands. 

So once again, I ask: Can you donate any amount today to help us meet our goal?

I have worked on statewide policy that makes big polluters pay through the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) and ensures that investments address historic environmental injustice that harms and supports just transitions for workers and rural communities.

As Public Lands Commissioner, I will work with environmentalists, scientists, and counties to prioritize our complex, healthy forests and initiate a strategy that transitions our mills and timber practices to retain and grow timber more sustainably through longer rotations, commercial and pre-commercial thinning, and expanding ecosystem services for carbon storage. Show all of Washington that you agree!

I am the leader who will continue championing policies like the CCA, and make sure it truly delivers Environmental Justice outcomes when I become Commissioner of Public Lands because that is how Washington will progress toward climate justice and lead with natural climate solutions. 


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