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Friends –

Washington State is truly a special place. We’re home to beautifully complex and diverse forests, a coast that provides life-giving resources like food and jobs, agricultural lands that feed people across the country, and a habitat that enriches our ecosystem.

We are also one of just five states that elect a Public Lands Commissioner. This means that Washingtonians have a unique role in shaping who manages our lands and how they are protected and cared for.

The Commissioner of Public Lands (CPL) leads Washington’s Department of Natural Resources. This is one of the largest natural resources agencies in the United States! The CPL oversees millions of acres of forests and tidelands; generates revenue for schools and communities; helps keep Washingtonians safe from wildfires and natural disasters; protects our natural resources; guides our state’s forest management; and so much more. All this to say, the CPL plays a multi-sector, collaborative role critical to the future of Washington. The CPL’s decisions directly impact both the short- and long-term state of our forests, waterways, timber industry, and budget. The CPL is ultimately accountable to you, the people of Washington.

With so much at stake, including worsening impacts of climate change and wildfires, increasing unaffordability across our state, and big business driving an agenda that further destroys our shared 

environment and communities, our next CPL must have the ability to deeply connect with communities and partners across our state. This calls for a coalition builder, a leader who has successfully led on enacting statewide policies, and someone with strong conviction — so when big money bullies come to the table, they are no longer driving the agenda.

I’m the only candidate in this race who has professional experience as both an executive director and State Senator. I understand shifting community needs and know how to adapt to those needs. I will put my ego aside to create space for peer learning, collaboration, and professional development; and I will make decisions based on the best science available.

This is why I need your support. We are a people-powered campaign, and I refuse to accept money from big timber and polluters. Can you donate $50, $100, or more by the end of today to help me meet my end of march goals?

As Public Lands Commissioner, I will use my position to create stronger partnerships to help counties and our state generate more sustainable and diversified revenues for their local needs by first listening to what they value and what they envision for their communities.

I have the passion, track record, and personal experience to advocate and make progress for public health, climate justice, and economic equity. Join us today!


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