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Friends –

The time is now. In the face of worsening climate change, we need a leader who will deliver for our communities. 

In order to protect our lands and waters and make sure the Department of Natural Resources is working for the benefit of all Washingtonians, we need a leader who will prioritize climate justice and the diverse needs of people across our state.

That leader is me. 

If you agree, could you donate $25, $50, $100 or more today?

Together, we can show people across our state that we are ready for bold, Progressive, and practical ways of stewarding our public lands. I have put real thought into how I’ll serve as your next Commissioner of Public Lands. I will lead the DNR by putting people first because people drive environmental policy. I am the only candidate with a track record of governing on these issues. But I can’t do this without you.

Winning a statewide election requires building coalitions in every corner of these beautiful lands and in different communities with different priorities. It also takes resources. By donating today, you’ll help me get our shared vision to people across the state — people looking for answers to the questions: How can we manage lands in other ways? How can we be in better relationship with Tribal Nations? How can we be climate and fire resilient? Together, we can set new standards for how our lands are managed and how we steward our forests, protect our waters, and ensure we all have clean air.


Team Rebecca Saldaña (D)

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