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Friends –

It’s been a great week of campaigning and connecting with the community since our fundraising freeze was lifted last Friday. 

I wasted no time getting straight to work because some of my opponents were able to raise money over the last three months, which means we have to catch up! While I was serving as your State Senator in the legislature, I was unable to fundraise. There’s still so much work ahead with a crowded Primary Election. Help me stand apart from others and be your Progressive champion.

I’m running to be your next Commissioner of Public Lands because we can only heal and protect our lands for our current generation and generations to come if we put people first in our stewardship practices and land management, and ensure we all have clean air and water while minimizing the impacts of wildfire and wildfire smoke.

You can help us by hosting a fundraiser or connecting us with someone who would be willing to host our campaign and get our message out!

Every dollar we raise shows people across Washington that our campaign is ready to defeat the Republicans efforts to stifle and separate us and win. We are not accepting any money from big oil, big timber, or polluters. This means we need you! Can you give $50, $100, or whatever you can today to help us continue to make up the ground we lost during the freeze?

Thank you for all of your support – I can’t wait to see you all again!


Team Rebecca Saldaña (D)

PO Box 20776
Seattle, WA 98102
United States