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Friends –

This weekend, I got a postcard reminding me to cast my electronic ballot for King Conservation District. I voted, did you? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t yet…

Most people don’t even know what conservation districts do.  

But here is why it matters, and why I challenge you to take 5 minutes to follow this link to vote — and make your voice heard for King Conservation District Seat No. 1. 

Image courtesy of King Conservation District.

King Conservation District (KCD) helps protect our access to clean water, healthy forests, and local food through King County. KCD provides education, technical assistance, and cost-sharing opportunities to everyday people in forest management, farm conservation planning, wildfire preparedness, and streamside and shoreline enhancement. 

Their work supports community gardens, urban forest canopy, and local food systems. All this to say: KCD has an integral role in how we better steward our lands for the benefit of all people, plants, and animals.

Here’s a bit more information about how you can vote today:

KCD includes all registered voters in King County. We have the opportunity to have a direct say in who sits on the board which impacts things from how and where money is spent to policy that affects our daily lives. Voting has already begun and ends on February 13.

I have supported legislation to get KCD’s elections on our regular ballot cycles (which has not yet made it to the Governor’s desk). In the meantime, we can be actively engaged with our local conservation district to take meaningful steps toward environmental justice. Cast your ballot today! 


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