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Friends –

When I announced I was running to be your next Commissioner of Public Lands, I did so knowing my why and how — how I want to run this campaign is in community with you all. It’s through community that our shared vision for these wonderful lands will become a reality. 

As I take my work to the next level to have a bigger impact on building a clean-fueled, fairer economy that supports healthy, thriving communities; and as we all work together to connect deeper with our neighbors and the beautiful lands, forests, and waters of Washington State, I know I can’t do it without you. This is our race, and this will be our win.

Don’t just take my word for it, hear from community leaders from across our state:

I’m grateful to receive these strong endorsements from community leaders like Oskar Zambrano and Dr. Marisa Herrera. It’s with community that I’ve become the person, mother, partner, leader, and friend I am today.

I came with the work and experience that when we center racial, social, environmental, and economic justice and create organized space for the voices of historically excluded individuals in rural, urban and suburban parts of our state — we can find innovative solutions that expand what is possible for all of us. The Department of Natural Resources needs a leader who can build coalitions and strong relationships to face our most pressing issues, together. I will be that leader and that fighter for you.


Team Rebecca Saldaña (D)

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