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From Carbon Washington

The Climate Commitment Act (CCA) is a great step forward, but Initiative 2117 would repeal it and prohibit future carbon tax credit trading. 

For those of us who care about smart climate action, protecting the CCA from I-2117 is critical. Please start learning more about the CCA to help you encourage everyone you know – colleagues, friends and family – to vote “No” on I-2117 in November.


Join the mailing list and/or donate to one or more of the organizations working against I-2117:

  • NoOnI2117.com  – a coalition of organizations including Carbon Washington and Washington Conservation Action
  • Fuse Washington (also working to defeat the other 2 initiatives)

Instead of repealing the CCA, we must do more to help people and businesses quickly transition off fossil fuels.

This action is adapted from Carbon Washington