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Nick’s running for Attorney General because he’s committed to making Washington a better and safer place for all.

We wanted to let you know where Nick stands on the issues that matter most to Washingtonians, but before we get into it, can we count on you to chip in $10 or more today to help us grow this grassroots campaign across Washington?

The role of the Attorney General is more important than ever before, and Washingtonians deserve someone like Nick with the experience to tackle our most pressing issues and the solutions to help solve them. Here’s a look at just some of the priorities that Nick will tackle once in the Office of the Attorney General:

Public Safety

  • Building safer communities in Washington starts with passing nation-leading legislation to prevent gun violence. For Nick, this also involves combating substance abuse statewide, addressing hate crimes and the root causes of what drives people to commit criminal acts.

The Economy

  • Nick’s committed to protecting consumers and workers, who are far too often taken advantage of by those in power. He’s also ready to work to ensure Washington stays one of the best places to start a small business and be a worker.

Climate Change

  • Climate change is here in Washington — wildfires have destroyed too many of our communities, and Nick’s committed to addressing this crisis head-on. He will expand our state’s nation-leading environmental protection and enforce laws that hold bad climate actors accountable.

Abortion Rights

  • Since the fall of Roe, access to abortions and other reproductive health care services has been under attack across the country. Nick will do anything and everything as Attorney General to ensure Washington stays a safe haven for women’s rights.

These are just a handful of the issues Nick’s committed to addressing as Attorney General. If you’d like a deeper look into his experience and plans to tackle these issues, check out our website’s priorities section →

As Attorney General, Nick will work tirelessly to make Washington a safe place for everyone – no matter your age, race, gender, where you live, or who you love.

But to get Nick working for all Washingtonians, we need your support today to ensure we have the resources we need to win, so please pitch in whatever you can to help us get Nick into the Office of the Attorney General.

Thanks for taking the time to read some of the priorities Nick’s focused on addressing, and please don’t hesitate to see for yourself on Nick’s website how he plans to tackle these issues and more.

— Team Nick

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