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Nick’s mom, Pat, here.

Nick’s dad, Hank, and I met while serving our country. We were both at Walter Reed Medical Center, where I was an Army nursing student, and Hank was a medical logistics officer. Public service and hard work have long been important to both of us.

Because of this, we taught our son, Nick, to understand the value of showing up for others and giving his all in everything he did. These values undoubtedly had a big impact on shaping him into the incredible leader he is today.

Nick’s dedication to working hard and helping others spans from his first job at Taco Bell in high school to his most recent role as U.S. Attorney for Western Washington. Throughout his career, he’s always put others first and worked to uplift those who are far too often overlooked by people in power.

There is nobody who will work harder to protect our community than Nick. I’m definitely biased — I am his mother, after all, but I’m also a former nurse and grandmother who understands that our women and girls can’t afford to have a leader who won’t protect their rights. Nick has been a champion for women’s rights, and he will continue to fight for not just you and me but for his daughter and all our daughters as your next Attorney General, but he needs your help to get elected.

Can I count on you to contribute today to my son Nick’s campaign for Attorney General? No matter how you support him, he’s grateful to have you on this grassroots team.

Thanks for supporting my son, Nick, today!


Pat Brown
Nick’s Mom

Nick Brown for Attorney General
401 2nd Ave S STE 303
Seattle, WA 98104
United States