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You’re not going to believe what Nick’s Republican opponent, Pete Serrano, said recently.

In a shocking display of disregard for the impact of the January 6th attack on our democracy, Serrano referred to the Capitol rioters as “political prisoners.” Washington deserves better than an extremist focused on helping Donald Trump rewrite the history of January 6th.

Will you contribute to Nick’s people-powered campaign and ensure Washington has an Attorney General who is committed to democracy and upholding the rule of law?

Serrano’s failure to condemn the January 6th rioters who sought to undermine our democracy shows just how critical it is that we keep him far away from the Office of the Attorney General.

But Serrano didn’t just stop there.

He also applauded the efforts of conservative Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. His support for Paxton is troubling because Paxton consistently prioritizes personal and political gain over the well-being of the public. Washingtonians don’t want an Attorney General who looks to Ken Paxton as a role model or who shares Donald Trump’s view that the January 6th rioters are “hostages” of the American legal system.

Perhaps most concerning of all is Serrano’s promise to “take over” the offices of local prosecutors who don’t align with his views of what’s constitutional.

Kendall, we cannot allow someone with extremist beliefs and disregard for our democracy to hold the Office of the Attorney General. Nick’s running to build a better and safer future for all Washingtonians, and we need your help to ensure he defeats his Republican opponent.

If you’re with Nick in this fight, can you chip in $10 or more to help Washington secure a future in which our democratic values are upheld?

Thank you for your constant support!

— Team Nick

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