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Last week I was proud to receive the endorsement of the Washington Machinists Council, so I wanted to take some time today to share with you why this endorsement is so important to me. But before I do, today’s our critical mid-month fundraising deadline, so if you’re able, please chip in $10 or more to help us reach our goal.

My grandfather was a Machinist and a proud member of the Machinist Union. When my mom and uncles were growing up, my grandfather would often take his kids to the union hall. He understood that being a part of a union gave our family a foundation for success.

I can only imagine what he’d say watching his grandson meeting with and earning the endorsement of the Washington Machinists Council, which represents over 40,000 workers in aerospace and other industries.

It’s because of my grandfather that I learned the importance of workers’ rights. As Attorney General of Washington, I will be committed to ensuring the rights of every worker and labor group in Washington are protected. Washingtonians deserve to have an Attorney General who understands that unions are the backbone of a strong and healthy economy but to make this happen, I need your help.

I’m personally asking: Can you make a contribution of any size today to help us reach our mid-month goal, and ensure Washington has a pro-labor, pro-worker champion fighting for them in the Office of the Attorney General?

Thank you,

— Nick

Nick Brown for Attorney General
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