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❗Reminder: Starting in April, you will need a free NDTC account to register and access our virtual live training events.

We’re launching our updated Online Academy experience this April, so get prepared and head on over to https://traindemocrats.org/login/ and create an account if you haven’t already.

In the future, when it’s time to join a training, you’ll need to log into your dashboard. We will not provide a direct Zoom link anymore. Remember: it’s free to create an account!

If you have any issues, such as the webpage stalling out or going down, don’t hesitate to use our Tech Support Form so someone can help.

TOMORROW: National Fundraising Bootcamp with support from ActBlue
Saturday, March 9 at 11:15 am ET

It’s not too late to sign up for our full day workshop to hone key campaign fundraising skills! Whether you’re a volunteer or running for office yourself, this bootcamp will be indispensable for enhancing your fundraising efforts!

Boost your campaign’s fundraising cash flow by perfecting the art of soliciting donations across channels. Maximize the value of call time, practice crafting a hard ask, and even get email fundraising insights. Reserve your spot now for this accelerated one-day workshop!

Setting Up Your Local Democratic Party’s Structure
Tuesday, March 12 at 1pm ET

We’ll delve into the essential steps for setting up a robust framework for your local Democratic Party. Learn how to effectively structure your party’s operations, committees, and leadership roles to maximize efficiency and impct.

Whether you’re a seasoned organizer or new to party leadership, this session will provide practical strategies for strengthening your local Democratic Party. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your party’s impact and effectiveness in your community!

Finding a Job in Democratic Politics
Wednesday, March 13 at 1pm ET

This one’s for those either pivoting to a new role or getting their foot in the door in the progressive advocacy space!

This session is tailored to help you navigate the Democratic job market. Learn about various job opportunities, networking strategies, and ways to streamline the job search. Our trainer will give you access to important resources like progressive job boards and other key insights.

Swing State Candidate Bootcamp: Campaign Fundamentals*
Saturday, March 16 at 10am ET

*This specific opportunity is only open to potential or current candidates and campaign staff in Arizona, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, or Florida. If you know someone running or working in these states, we’d love it if you would share!

This is your opportunity to learn the fundamentals of running a campaign, complete with expert guidance, downloadable resources, and a collaborative environment with fellow local Democrats running for office.

Bootcamps are a virtual program that consolidate four training sessions into a one-day event. This way, you can gain skills and jumpstart your progress efficiently.

Our first candidate bootcamp of 2024 is about all things Campaign Fundamentals and the building blocks that go with it. Don’t miss out!

NDTC Expert Q&A: Women Working to Win
Thursday, March 21 at 1pm ET

Our March Expert Q&A panel will bring together accomplished women from different areas of progressive politics to share their experiences on the trail and beyond!

With an emphasis on exploring the evolving landscape of the 2024 cycle, we want to shed light on the challenges, triumphs, and strategies changing women’s roles in politics. Our panelists will examine the critical intersections of gender, policy, and power that are pushing women to reshape traditional, patriarchal political narratives.

And it doesn’t stop there! You can always visit the Online Academy’s Course Catalog, set up a free account, and keep track of your progress while taking advantage of our extensive course offerings.

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