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Hey there – I’m James from NDTC! If you’ve ever seen a graphic from us shared on social, email, or our website, that’s what I’m up to here as our lead graphic designer.

In my work I get to visually tell the stories of people running for office, working on campaigns, or supporting their local parties’ efforts. Often, these folks come from underrepresented backgrounds or they’re overcoming some degree of adversity, which I find inspiring.

One thing I’m especially passionate about is elevating the experiences of the Black community. Systemic exclusion from traditional politics and voting means that we still have a ways to go to ensure Black voices actually have a say in what happens in our communities and beyond.

That’s why I am excited for fellow Atlantan Stacey Chavis to moderate our Black History Month panel touching on all these issues and more! Our upcoming NDTC Expert Q&A: Black Voices for Grassroots Change is on Thursday, February 15 at 1pm ET.

I love our Expert Q&A events because they’re truly unique within our offerings of day-to-day training programs. They’re real, focused, and candid conversations among experts and campaign veterans.

In celebrating Black History Month, we’ll be joined by Black leaders including Mondale RobinsonKimberlyn Carter, and Tequila Johnson on our expert panel.

We welcome – in fact we encourage – you to bring your burning questions to this crucial panel. Overarching topics including how to combat voter suppression and misinformation campaigns, on top of ways to center Black priorities in your own planning and field efforts.

We want to see you here next week! Be sure to register for this important Q&A panel event coming up on Thursday, February 15 at 1pm ET.

I hope you’ll join us (and bring your questions!)

James J.
NDTC Marketing Team

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