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Hey there — It’s Caroline from the Marketing Team at NDTC.

I am passionate about women’s history, especially following trailblazing women who risked it all to fight for their rights. I’m particularly struck by the incredible story of Chinese-American suffrage advocate Mabel Ping-Hua Lee. Despite a deeply racist climate that precluded her from full American citizenship, she continued to speak out against anti-Chinese discrimination within and beyond the suffrage movement. She was featured prominently at the national suffrage parade in New York in 1915.

The long history of amazing women’s activism was spearheaded by brave women like Mabel.

One key way women can make a difference of course is running for office in any capacity. Whether it’s a school board or comptroller position, these critical positions are where real change begins.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’m inviting you to our upcoming So You Want to Run for Office training focused on women candidates on Monday, March 4. We’ve partnered with Elect Black Women PAC for a jam-packed training that will introduce you to the main things to consider in preparing to run.

Designed for prospective and early-stage candidates running for office, this event requires no prior experience! Even if you’re not sure whether you’ll run in 2024, we want you here!

Progressive change is simmering, especially at the local, municipal, and school board level in terms of women’s representation. Let’s keep it up!

Don’t miss out! Know a friend who would be a great fit for this opportunity? Be sure to share this program with them too.

I hope you’ll join us – and seriously consider running!

Caroline S.
NDTC Marketing Team

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