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Announcing our National Fundraising Bootcamp happening March 9!

Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or just starting out, this one-day bootcamp offers in-depth training on key fundraising tactics. Through four distinct sessions covering the essential pillars of fundraising, you’ll gain insights from experienced trainers who have successfully fundraised for campaigns.

Delve into sessions covering “making the ask,” maximizing call time, email fundraising, and strategy planning. The goal is that over the course of this one day, you’ll walk away with a solid foundation for how to move forward in fundraising, whether it’s for your campaign or local Democratic Party.

Four sessions. One day of maximized learning. Save your spot now!

(Not too late to register!) Building a Candidate Support Plan
Today, February 23 at 1pm ET

Being a political candidate is not a one-person show! The most effective candidates make it to Election Day because of support from their community and allies.

Learn about ways to support candidates, both hard and soft. This training gives you the tools to create a plan that will help you help candidates throughout the entire cycle. This is an essential training if you’re involved with your local party in any capacity!

So You Want to Run for Office
Monday, February 26 at 1pm ET

If running for office is ever something you considered, this training is a must. You’ll learn everything you need to know before announcing your campaign, and you’ll even practice sharing the news with your network of supporters and friends.

And if you’re on the fence about jumping in, we’re here to help you decide if running is right for you!

So, if you are planning to run for office this cycle or even the next one please join us.

So You Want to Run for Office Women’s History Month Edition with Elect Black Women PAC
Monday, March 4 at 1pm ET

Women are less likely to pursue roles they don’t feel 100% qualified for. But running for office doesn’t have prerequisites besides caring about your community!

This Women’s History Month, we’re here to provide a space for women who have thought about running for office. This special edition of So You Want to Run for Office will cover the basic considerations of running with a focus on the challenges women may face on the trail.

And we’re excited to partner with Elect Black Women PAC, who is dedicated to empowering Black women in Democratic politics!

Setting Up Your Local Democratic Party’s Structure
Tuesday, March 12 at 1pm ET

Local parties are the linchpin of Democratic success come Election Day! The way a local party is organized can maximize efficiency, provide better support overall, and ensure people’s strengths are being used to their fullest potential.

This training will introduce you to the many ways a local party can be structured, with real-life examples. You’ll evaluate the strongsuits and weaknesses of different organizational layouts, plus strategies for goal-setting.

Candidate Bootcamp: Campaign Fundamentals
Saturday, March 16 at 10am ET

Candidates: here’s an opportunity to delve into the essentials of campaign management, complete with expert guidance, resources, and a supportive environment alongside fellow local Democrats running for office.

Candidate Bootcamps offer a virtual program that bring key training sessions into a single-day event. Specifically diving into “Campaign Fundamentals,” the goal is that you walk away with the baseline skills needed to run an effective candidacy this cycle. This streamlined approach allows you to gain core campaign skills and kickstart your progress.

The four sessions awaiting you include…

Three Steps to Establishing Your Campaign
Calculating Your Vote Goal
Four Steps to Raise More Money
How to Connect with Voters Through Personal Stories

Rest assured, by the day’s end, you’ll emerge with newfound confidence in these critical campaign fundamentals. Please note that this bootcamp is for to candidates in Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for other opportunities coming soon for other states!

And it doesn’t stop there! You can always visit the Online Academy’s Course Catalog, set up a free account, and keep track of your progress while taking advantage of our extensive course offerings.

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