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Celebrating Black History Month with Elect Black Women PAC

All month long, we want to elevate the work of some of our amazing partners whose own work elevates Black voices in progressive politics.

Elect Black Women PAC is committed to advancing the representation and leadership of Black women in elected office. Their mission is to actively support and endorse Black women candidates running for various positions by providing financial resources, guidance, and grassroots support. By amplifying the voices and perspectives of Black women in politics, they seek to foster greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in decision-making processes and spaces.

Learn more and get involved: Elect Black Women PAC

And keep an eye out for a Women’s History Month event we’re hosting with them in March!

How to Connect with Voters Through Personal Stories
Thursday, February 22 at 1pm ET

Discover how your life’s journey embodies your values, then learn how to tell those stories on the campaign trail. Personal stories are vehicles for connecting with voters in a more personal way.

Uncover the power of sharing a well-crafted personal story to ignite action and inspire others. In this training you will learn the essential components of a compelling personal story, refine your narrative with expert tips, and utilize feedback to enhance its impact.

Building a Candidate Support Plan
Friday, February 23 at 1pm ET

Support for candidates comes in many flavors, from hard support like money to soft support like personal networking. Distinguish between these types of support and evaluate which types your local party or Democratic organization can use with your 2024 slate of candidates.

By creating a support plan, you are investing in candidates in your community, which is ultimately a benefit to your community. Don’t miss out on this important building block for local-level politics.

So You Want to Run for Office
Monday, February 26 at 1pm ET

Maybe you’ve considered running, or even know someone who would be great to represent your community. Regardless, take the very first step and learn about the various offices to run for and other preliminary considerations.

This training features an introductory look into the actual processes behind running for office, from researching open elected positions this cycle to reaching out for support within your personal networks.

National Fundraising Bootcamp
Saturday March 9

One day, multiple sessions, endless fundraising insights. Our national bootcamps are designed with a specific focus in one area of campaigning (in this case, fundraising) in order to equip you with the best practices and relevant resources to take back to the trail.

Join our National Fundraising Bootcamp, where you’ll walk through the best strategies to actually garner the funds your campaign needs. This day-long event will lay the groundwork for a robust fundraising strategy right from the start of your campaign, guaranteeing sustained success in funding every essential aspect. You will walk away ready to make phone calls, lay out a fundraising plan, and get that coin! 💰

And it doesn’t stop there! You can always visit the Online Academy’s Course Catalog, set up a free account, and keep track of your progress while taking advantage of our extensive course offerings.

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