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Our first Federal Election Commission (FEC) deadline of 2024 is coming up fast. The March deadline will be the first big test in the on-year, and we need a strong showing to set us on the path to victory.

Emboldened by their successful attacks on reproductive freedom, ultra-conservative Republicans are coming out of the woodwork to challenge my colleagues from coast to coast. We cannot show any vulnerability.

To ensure we’re building the grassroots foundation we need to win in November, we must hit every single goal between now and Election Day.

That means we need another (at least) 450 contributions over the next 48 hours to stay on track. Will you pitch in $10 to help defend this seat and help me hold our Senate majority?

Nothing is guaranteed this year.

In recent months we’ve seen nothing but chaos from Republicans, and now right-wing dark money groups and powerful GOP mega donors are looking for vulnerable races where they can swoop in and defeat Democrats.

They’re going all-out to flip everything red in November, and we know they will do, say, and spend anything to win.

That’s why early support in our race can – and will – make a difference. Grassroots support from people like you is always the margin of victory.

We can’t afford to falter in our first FEC report of the year.

Please rush $10 to ensure we’re ready for anything national Republicans throw at us:

Thank you,