28. February 2024 · Comments Off on Maria Cantwell for US Senator – February 28, 2024 · Categories: Elections

I’ve said it recently because it’s true: We’re up for a tough fight in Washington this year.

With a competitive Governor’s race, two Frontline House Democrats, and two open seats in the House, national Republicans have shifted focus to our state and hope to win big in November.

After all of my years of leadership in our state, I know this: The future of Washington is up to us.

It’s our time to fight for it.

We’re coming up on our end-of-month fundraising deadline, and the team has set a goal for us to raise $30,000 in these last few days. Will you donate $10 or anything you can right now to help us get there?

The entire country is still reeling from the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling about embryos and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) – and with the stronghold extreme Republicans have on our country, we can expect to experience more decisions like this one.

Now, we’re on the brink of another government shutdown because right-wing extremists refuse to work together, and the American people are going to pay the price.

Stopping extreme Republicans from gaining traction here in Washington state must be our #1 priority.

Will you donate now before our end-of-month deadline?


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