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Candidate Forum

For our September meeting (on the 10th at 6pm), we plan to open the floor to local candidates who are interested in speaking to us. Each candidate will be given a few minutes to introduce themselves and (time permitting), answer questions from the audience.

Due to the COVID-19 rates in our area, this meeting will be online only. We hope to return to hybrid meetings in October.

Zoom meeting graphic

Columbia Legal Services are sponsoring a virtual town hall on September 8. See the details by clicking the link below.

People in Washington should have a fair chance to rebuild their lives. They shouldn’t be denied because they can’t afford to pay off court debts. Please join us on Wednesday, September 8 at 5 pm for a community conversation on how legislative advocacy can continue to reform the system of legal financial obligations (LFOs) in Washington State.

WSU Tri-Cities COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

WSU Tri-Cities will be hosting COVID-19 vaccination clinics every Wednesday through the month of September. These will be free and open to the public. Look for the mobile medical unit in the Floyd Building parking lot.

March on for Voting Rights logo

March On For Voting Rights – Washington State Virtual March

August 28th @ 12 pm PT

March On for Voting Rights will call on the Senate to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the For the People Act on Saturday, August 28th, when millions join the March On for Voting Rights in D.C., Phoenix, Atlanta, Houston, Miami and more than 40 other cities across the country to make their voices heard. We will also call for the Senate to remove the filibuster as a roadblock to critical voting rights legislation.

That’s why, on August 28, 2021, Washington State is joining Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Phoenix and other cities across America to March On For Voting Rights!

Join Fix Democracy FirstWA Indivisible Network & League of Women Voters of WA for a statewide virtual event to stand up for voting rights! We will have lots of great speakers, music and more. 


Celebration of Community Diversity & Culture


Location: Columbia Park

Hosted by the Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council

ri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council invites you and the entire family to a Celebration of Community, Diversity & Culture!Our event is intended to highlight the beauty in diversity, create cultural awareness, and promote TRUE community!NOTHING brings people together like food and music!We will have diverse cultures represented through food, entertainment, music, art, poetry, vendors/merchants, and much more!

A community dance floor showcasing the various styles of line dancing and a lip-synch contest, are just a few of the treats in store!

In light of the financial impact COVID has had on our community, we have asked all participating food vendors to have affordable food options for purchase.

There will be a beer and wine garden where adults 21 and over can purchase and enjoy beer by Sage Brewing Company and wine by Frichette Winery.

We will have picnic style seating, so don’t forget your lawn chairs and blankets!

We are still accepting vendors, entertainers, lip-synch contestants, artist and etc. If you’ve got talent that you want to share with our community email for additional information.


****(This event will take place as long as COVID restrictions allow. We do ask that all attendees adhere to COVID safety practices.)There will be additional handwashing stations and PPE throughout the event area.*****

Graphic for CCL call to action

Citizens Climate Lobby is asking all of us to take action. We have a chance to get a carbon price (widely regarded as the most effective intervention for dealing with climate change) included in the reconciliation bill that is under consideration now. Please contact your senators and representative as outlined here.

The Primary for this year’s non-partisan elections is in progress. The Benton County Democratic Central Committee respects the non-partisan nature of these elections and is not endorsing any particular candidates. However, we feel that our supporters can and should be actively engaged in these elections. We encourage our supporters to amplify the messages from the candidates of their choice by means of letters to the editor, social media, and personal contact. We also urge our supporters to contribute funds and time to their chosen candidates.

Primary Ballots are due by August 3

Primary ballots have been mailed out. They are due by August 3. They must be in a ballot dropbox or postmarked by that day. Tri-city mail gets postmarked in Spokane so be sure to mail early enough to make the deadline.

March for All Logo

We are beyond needing a single payer healthcare system that covers everyone. Let’s bring our signs and let our fellow citizens and elected representatives know that we’re no longer going to tolerate the high costs, medical bankruptcy, disability, and death our current system inflicts on us.

We will, of course, be outdoors. please observe appropriate COVID-19 protocols.

Date/Time: July 25, 2021 at 3:00 PM PDT

Location: John Dam Plaza, 815 George Washington Way, Richland, WA 99352

Hosted by Tri-City Democrats

Logo of League of Women Voters of Washington

The League of Women Voters of Benton and Franklin Counties will be offering virtual candidate forums for Tri-City area city council and school board director positions that will be on the Aug. 3 primary ballot.

Featured races will be those that have three or more candidates. They will be broadcast on PBS’s KTNW Channel 31 (Digital: 22) at 7 p.m. and repeated at midnight on the following dates:

  • July 12: Richland races for City Council Positions 1 and 2, and School Board Director 1.
  • July 13: Pasco races for City Council Position 3 and School Board Director 5.
  • July 14: Kennewick races for City Council Positions 1, 3, and 4.
  • July 15: Benton City race for City Council Position 3 and Kennewick School Board Directors 1 & 2.

Moderators will be Tracci Dial, news anchor from KNDU, on July 12 and 13 and Matt Loveless from Murrow College of Communication-WSU Pullman on July 14 and 15.

The forums also will be available until Aug. 3 on YouTube and the following websites:

also on PSC-TV Channel 191in Pasco and CityView TV 192 in Richland, both on Spectrum Cable.

Ballots for the election will be mailed on July 16, and the deadline for online voter registration is July 26 and Aug. 3 for in-person registration. For questions, email

Tri-City Democrats logo

Candidates! – July 9, 2021 6-8pm

We plan to open the floor to local candidates who are interested in speaking to us. Each candidate will be given a few minutes to introduce themselves and (time permitting), answer questions from the audience. In the interest of time and fairness we will attempt to prioritize candidates who were unable to participate in June. Candidates who spoke or had a statement read in June may be scheduled later in the evening and asked to limit their time.

As in June, this will be a hybrid event. Those willing to brave heat are welcome to attend in person at the home of Carl Baker (4501 W Lattin Ct West Richland). A potluck picnic will be on offer – feel free to bring a dish and a beverage.

Join Zoom Meeting… Meeting ID: 819 0060 8085
Passcode: 335996

Can Nuclear Replace the Lower Snake River dams?

Key to planning for life after the Lower Snake River dams, of course, is to assure our power supply. Whenever we have looked at the power grid we have been reassured by the dollars, mostly private, invested in solar, wind, storage, and market integration. Nuclear, for the most part, has been in the background, hobbled by long construction timelines, cost overruns, concerns whether the eventual price would be competitive, and always safety and waste storage.

Is it time to look again at nuclear? Is there a “new nuclear” that answers the persistent questions while delivering reliable base power load at a competitive price, and that can offer solid sustainability credentials?

This month the Ag and Rural Caucus is teaming with Steve Verhey, chair of the Environment and Climate Caucus to brief us on the contemporary nuclear energy industry.  

Our usual meeting remains Thursday 24 June.

Nuclear energy: Future?
Time: Jun 24, 2021 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 828 1183 0446
Passcode: 378541

Train The Trainer Volume 2

T3 – Train The Trainer: As part of our continuing commitment to ensure the best and most effective training for all of our Local Party Leaders, PCOs, and amazing volunteers, the Washington State Democrats are excited to announce that we’re partnering again with the Association of State Democratic Committee’s Best Practices Institute to launch Train the Trainer Volume 2 (T3 v.2)! T3 v.2 is a free, three-week, six-part, 100% virtual training course, which will provide thousands of grassroots leaders with the political skills they need to execute successful local electoral programs. 

During T3 v.1 this spring, Washington state led the nation with over 780 T3 participants and 311 certified graduates – more than any other state in both categories. Washington Democrats represented almost one-third of the entire national program! The T3 v.2 program will build upon the skills taught in the Spring T3 series. However, registrants are NOT required to have completed T3 v.1 to participate in the T3 v.2 program. Everyone interested in helping to elect Democrats is welcome to participate!

Click Here to Register (registration closes at 8:59 pm PT on Sunday, June 20, so don’t wait!)

Just like T3 v.1, the T3 v.2 program is designed to train thousands of people at your own pace over three weeks, beginning June 22nd.

This program will expand the skills of PCOs, party officers, and volunteers alike by ensuring that comprehensive training is free and accessible for Democrats working in every LD and county in Washington (and across the country!). 

T3 v.2 is an opportunity for those who missed the Spring T3 program to get up to speed – especially local candidates and campaigns – and for Spring T3 participants to expand their knowledge and skills to continue training others! Please take a moment to register yourself now, and then encourage three of your friends to sign up with you. We win when we train and organize together.

2021 T3 v.2 Curriculum Calendar
Week Session # Date Topic
Deadline Sunday, June 20 Registration Deadline
1 1 Tuesday, June 22 Program Overview + Getting Started
  2 Thursday, June 24 Fundraising
2 3 Tuesday, June 29 Communications + Messaging
  4 Thursday, July 1 Organizing
3 5 Tuesday, July 6 Digital
  6 Thursday, July 8 Building Coalitions
Deadlines Sunday, July 18 Certification Deadline
  Monday, August 2 Certification Delivery (subject to change)

This program will expand the skills of PCOs, party officers, and volunteers alike by ensuring that comprehensive training is free and accessible for Democrats working in every LD and county in Washington (and across the country!). 

T3 v.2 is an opportunity for those who missed the Spring T3 program to get up to speed – especially local candidates and campaigns – and for Spring T3 participants to expand their knowledge and skills to continue training others! Please take a moment to register yourself now, and then encourage three of your friends to sign up with you. We win when we train and organize together.

Juneteenth Fun Day @ Kurtzman Park

Hosts: Tri-Cities Juneteenth Community Council

Location: Kurtzman Park 331 S Wehe Pasco, WA 

Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 10 AM PDT – 11:45 PM PDT

Price: Free ·

Duration: 13 hr 45 min

Annual Fun Day Celebration for the Community!! All day event includes, music, activities, food vendors, games, Art, cupcake walk, Bingo Sessions, prizes, raffles, Kickball and more!!

Tri-City Democrats, Friday, June 11

We plan to open the floor to local candidates who are interested in speaking to us. Each candidate will be given a few minutes to introduce themselves and (time permitting), answer questions from the audience.  

We will be attempting a hybrid meeting. Those who wish to attend in person (outdoors) are welcome to do so at Carl Baker’s house, 4501 W. Lattin Road, West Richland. We hope to resume our potluck format, so feel free to bring a dish to share!  

Feel free to reach out via Facebook or Meetup if you have any questions or concerns. 

If you have trouble getting the meeting link through Meetup, please reach out to the Tri-city Democrats page or to Carl Baker ( and we’ll get the information to you.

Register for this online discussion at (pre-registration required; Zoom link will be sent to you after you register).

How can Advanced Nuclear Energy help protect the climate?
• This CCL zoom forum will explore the new nuclear technologies being developed by public-private
partnerships. One project (X-Energy) is planned for Hanford WA and the other (Terrapower) may
also be placed at Hanford
• What fossil fuel uses can these technologies replace?
• How do they affect measures for safe handling and prevention of weapon proliferation?
• What is their impact on habitat and climate through the mining, operation, recycle, and disposal lifecycle?
• How do they affect intermittent energy output from wind and solar?
• How will they affect reliability and resiliency of the electricity grid?
• How will they affect construction cost?
• What are the steps to prove out new technology?
• How will carbon fees, the utility payment system, and potential global energy markets affect deployment of low
carbon energy generators?
• Bring your questions and experience!
• Speakers:
• Kurt Smithpeters, CCL member, systems engineer and independent researcher
• Jim Hopf, leader of CCL Nuclear Energy Action Team and nuclear technician 

Here’s a primer on small nuclear reactors (SMR’s), Energy Imbalance Market, firm and near-firm power, and geothermal. The paper is challenging but rewarding

Redistricting Event Information

The Washington State Redistricting Commission continues its public outreach meetings regarding the drafting of new congressional and legislative district maps.

What: Public Outreach Meeting – Congressional District #4 The 4th Congressional includes all of Legislative Districts (LDs) 8 and 15 and parts of LDs 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, and 16.

Who: Washington State Redistricting Commission

Why: To solicit public input on the drawing of new congressional and state legislative district maps.

When: June 5, 2021 10 a.m.–12 p.m.

Where: Zoom Webinar, TVW, & YouTube

How: The time has passed to register to comment during the meeting. You DO NOT need to register if you only want to watch. See below for details on how you can watch the meetings without registering.
Media Contact: Jamie Nixon – Communications Director – (360) 742-2854
You can watch the meetings live at TVW (for English and Spanish broadcasts) or the Commission’s YouTube page for broadcasts in English with American Sign Language interpretation. 
Esta reunión también se retransmitirá en un canal de TVW en español.

Sen. Brown, Reps. Klippert and Boehnke invite citizens from the 8th District to join them for a one-hour virtual town hall meeting on Monday, May 24 @ 6 p.m. to discuss issues related to the 2021 legislative session.

Tap or click here to preregister and submit questions


photo of Sen. Sharon BrownSen. Sharon BrownRepublican Deputy Leader @Senate Republican CaucusSenator Brown is a state and national leader/lecturer on energy issues, and is the Senate’s leading advocate for nuclear power. She is active in international trade, economic development and small business issues as well as mental health and anti-human trafficking. She served 22 years as a business attorney before being elected to the Kennewick City Council in 2009. In 2010, she was elected Mayor Pro Tempore of the City of Kennewick. Brown was appointed to the Washington State Senate to represent the 8th Legislative District by the Benton County Commission in 2013 and has since been re-elected

photo of Rep. Brad KlippertRep. Brad KlippertRepublican Vice Caucus Chair @House Republican CaucusBrad was born and raised in Sunnyside. He attended Evangel College in Springfield, Missouri; City University, Tacoma; Northwest College, Kirkland; Central Washington University; and Columbia Basin College. Brad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and Biblical Studies, and a Master’s degree in Teaching. He has taught at the elementary, middle, high school and college levels. With over 30 years of military service, Brad holds the rank of COL/CMDR in the Washington State Guard. He is also a 27-year county law enforcement officer. Brad and his wife, Kim, have two daughters and an adopted son.

photo of Rep. Matt BoehnkeRep. Matt Boehnke8th Legislative District @House Republican CaucusMatt is serving his second term representing the 8th Legislative District which includes Richland, West Richland and Kennewick. He was raised in Kennewick, graduating from Kamiakin High School in 1986. He then attended Eastern Washington University, graduating as an ROTC-Distinguished Military Graduate and receiving his active duty commission in the U.S. Army Aviation branch in 1990. Matt spend the next 21 years in the service, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring and moving back to Kennewick. Since 2015, he has served as the director and lead professor of the cybersecurity division at Columbia Basin College. Natt and his wife, Dawn, have been married for more than 30 years. They have two sons, Matthew and Brandon.

Tri-City Democrats Talk Redistricting

The 2020 Census is in the books and the Washington State 2021 Redistricting Commission is working on new Legislative and Congressional district boundaries. They will be talking about this in their May 14 meeting.

The Washington State Democratic Party is presenting the Build the Blue fundraising gala on Tuesday, May 11 at 4:30 PM PDT. There will be speeches by Jaime Harrison, Raphael Warnock, Patty Murray, and Marilyn Strickland.

1)      If you can, please consider signing up to be a Table Captain. Captains agree to recruit 4 friends to join the event and make sure they purchase tickets (or purchase a virtual “table” outright). If you sign up, you will receive special recognition in event materials and additional perks.

2)      If you are unable to fill this role, we ask that you consider purchasing a ticket. We need to frontload our fundraising to help every Democrat running for office this election cycle and we would appreciate any support you can give.

We so hope you will consider participating! The best way to sign up is online here:

Please direct any questions to Joe Barden at Thanks again for all you do – we look forward to having you on board for our best virtual event yet!

With Gratitude,

Tina Podlodowski, WSDCC Chair