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Today’s the ACA’s fourteenth birthday!

Since Joe Biden first helped pass the Affordable Care Act through the Senate in 2009, we’ve been busy! Together, we have:

    • 👩‍🎓 Made sure young people can stay on their parents’ insurance

      🧑‍⚕️ Delivered health care access to more than 40 million uninsured Americans

      📉 Cut uninsurance rates in half

      ❤️ Created key protections for those with preexisting conditions

But some people don’t think that’s worth celebrating. As you’ve heard, Trump has threatened to repeal the ACA. But we’re not going to let Trump and his MAGA allies stop us from delivering high quality health care to the American people.

As Democrats, we’ll keep fighting to secure health care as a fundamental right for allSo if you’re ready to show that you’re proud to belong to the party of the Affordable Care Act (and that you support Democrats up and down the ballot), shop our Democrat merch today!

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The Democrats

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