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It’s Emma, the DNC Merch Director. My job involves (you guessed it!) coming up with ideas for new DNC and Team Biden-Harris merch, getting everything produced, and then making sure it gets out into the world for supporters like you to enjoy.

love my job and I think constantly about the impact of merch in our work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, from the Oval Office to local offices. You may not know this, but merch is a big part of our fundraising strategy — so every time supporters like you purchase a mug or t-shirt, you’re helping fund our work to reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris, and elect Democrats at all levels of government.

That’s why I’ve set a bold goal of reaching 100,000 Democrats to let you know about our online store today — and help ensure our impact is huge.

Why 100,000? Donald Trump boasts about having sold ONE MILLION MAGA HATS. That’s a lot of red out there. And it means he’s got a lot of money coming in via those MAGA hats.

To make sure we keep our fundraising on track (and that we see just as much blue merch out and about), we have to make sure 2,500 Democrats buy merch every day. But right now, it’s the afternoon and we are only 53% of the way to our goal. We’ve got some ground to cover.

Can we count on you to show your support for President Biden and buy some merch today?

We can’t afford to let Trump’s “Make America Great Again” gear overshadow us. Because let’s face it, Democrats bring so much more to the table than just cheap slogans. And we have cool merch.

Happy shopping,


Emma Watson
Merchandise Director
Democratic National Committee