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Friend, it’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson, candidate for Washington Governor.

For the last three months, my campaign was prohibited from fundraising due to Washington’s legislative session fundraising freeze – we literally could not accept a penny!

This freeze did not apply to my opponent, anti-choice Republican Dave Reichert. While I was working to strengthen laws that protect our rights and keep us safe, he raised half a million dollars. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Here’s the good news: My fundraising freeze is finally over and I can once again accept donations! With so much at stake in this election, I need your help to rebuild our momentum and prepare for a close campaign. Will you make a $5 contribution to my campaign and Patty Murray right now?

With Donald Trump on the ballot, this Governor’s race is more important than ever. While I fight for Washingtonians, Reichert votes with Donald Trump. In fact, he aligned with Trump on 92.5% of the critical votes he cast in Congress. Dave Reichert lacked the political courage to stand up to Donald Trump.

In contrast, I challenged Trump and defeated him more than 50 times in court. I won critical victories to defend our environment, protect access to health care, prevent discrimination, and preserve voting rights.

This campaign won’t be easy, especially with the millions of dollars we expect the Republican Governors Association to spend on attack ads. They will stop at nothing to make anti-choice Republican and Trump-ally Dave Reichert our next Governor.

So please, make a donation to my campaign and Patty Murray now: $5 or anything you can give makes a difference and helps us work toward a victory this Nov`ember.

Thank you,

Bob Ferguson

Email us: info@electbobferguson.com

PO Box 22169 Seattle, WA 98122