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Gavin Newsom here, humbly asking you to make a contribution to Joe Biden’s re-election campaign before the official FEC fundraising deadline ends at midnight on Sunday.

If that’s all you need to hear, make your donation using this link:


We know the stakes in this election.

Right now, the economy is booming and inflation is cooling.

President Biden has delivered progress on all the things Republicans promised to do but never delivered on.

Creating 15 million jobs.
Raising wages.
Capping insulin costs.
Expanding health care access.
Winning battles against the NRA.

Trump’s America? Chaos and division. Threats to slash Social Security and Medicare. Expanding attacks on women’s reproductive rights and more.

And democracy. Democracy itself has become a partisan issue. I could have never imagined. Republicans across the country — led by Trump — are lighting our freedoms on fire.

There couldn’t be more at stake in this election.

So with the most important FEC deadline of Joe Biden’s re-election just days away, I am asking:

Can you please use this link to contribute $25 (or more if you can) directly to Joe Biden’s reelection campaign before his FEC fundraising deadline ends this weekend?

There’s only one way Joe Biden is going to reach his goals and have the resources to beat Trump, and that is if we all work together.

Thank you,


Gavin Newsom
Governor, California

We sincerely thank you for your help and support.