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Is there ANYTHING we could say to convince you to make your first online contribution to President Biden’s reelection campaign today? Especially today.

What if we told you that Trump sweeping through Republican primaries means it’s us against him this November? Either we elect Joe Biden, or it’s Trump back in office.

What if we told you that as you read this, Trump is likely raising huge sums of money from MAGA Republicans?

And what if we told you that while Trump relies on the MAGA right and outside spending organizations, almost all of our donations come from lots and lots of people chipping in, often in response to emails like this?

We know… we know. It doesn’t feel like one donation itself can do a lot. But this week, President Biden has received lots and lots of donations from people who want to reelect him and keep Trump out of office.

Now they’re hoping you’ll do the same. Especially today.

Can President Biden and everyone else donating today count on you to contribute $25 to help reelect Joe Biden and keep Trump out of the White House? It adds up fast when we’re all chipping in.

Thank you in advance for donating. Today is a hugely important day for our campaign.

The Biden Campaign

We sincerely thank you for your help and support.