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Remember how you felt the day after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016. Remember walking around in disbelief and fear of what was to come. And remember time and time again how those fears were realized over the next four years.

Now, remember how you felt after Joe Biden was elected president in 2020. Remember the relief knowing that we didn’t have to deal with Trump in office any longer and the hope you felt that we were getting America back on track.

We can’t go back.

We can’t go back to the way we all felt when Trump was elected.

It might be wild to think, but you — yes you, Kendall — have a role in making sure we win. The work we need to do to keep Joe and Kamala in the White House is quite literally funded by folks like you making the decision that we can’t go back… we can only go forward.

We don’t expect anyone to donate every day, but with Joe and Kamala facing millions in attack ads, they’re counting on you to make today the day. That’s why we’re asking:

Will you chip in $25 or more now to the Biden-Harris reelection campaign? So much is at stake in this race, and we can’t defeat Trump again without you.

Thank you. You are securing the future of our country with your support. That’s the truth.

Team Biden-Harris