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Last night, the House and Senate passed SB 5444 and HB 2118. This incredible step forward was made possible due to all of our advocacy efforts. Yesterday, we showed up in record numbers by sending 1595 emails to our legislators! The pressure is definitely on to prioritize GVP this year, but we’re not finished yet.

Now, our eyes are focused on HB 1903 and HB 2021. Both of these bills are CRITICAL for stopping firearms from flooding into our communities. Can you help us continue to break records by emailing your legislators now?

HB 1903 strengthens community safety by requiring the reporting of lost and stolen firearms to local authorities. Firearms are dangerous – especially in the hands of bad actors. Owning a gun is a huge responsibility, and losing one should not be taken lightly. Reporting gives law enforcement the tools they need to find and remove firearms that are in the underground market.

HB 2021 puts power back in the hands of the Washington State Patrol, giving them the ability to destroy confiscated firearms just like other agencies in the state. This will provide them with another option, rather than forcing them to sell crime guns back into our communities. Email your legislators now and let them know that Washington State Patrol should have the same authority as other agencies in the state.

HB 1903 and HB 2021 are logical next steps in eliminating firearms from freely circulating in the underground market.

Abdirahman (he/him)
Director of Communications
Alliance for Gun Responsibility

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