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We have more great news coming out of Olympia! Currently, we are following 4 bills that are on track to get floor votes. This includes:

  • HB 1903 – Requiring reporting of lost or stolen firearms
  • HB 2021 – Mandate WSP to destroy confiscated firearms
  • HB 2118 – Outlining requirements for dealer licensing
  • SB 5444 – Concerning firearm-sensitive places

I know we’ve asked a lot of you, but we need your help to get these lifesaving bills across the finish line. Email your legislators now and urge them to vote YES on gun violence prevention legislation!

Both chambers will begin floor votes next week, which means we have a limited number of days in which our bills can be voted on. We need every voice possible echoing the impact these life-saving policies will have on our communities. Take one minute out of your day and email your legislators now!

Hazel (They/them)
Policy and Advocacy Manager
Alliance for Gun Responsibility

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