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“inaccurate” and “distorted”

“generally at odds with solid medical evidence”

“devoid of scientific support”

ACLU Supporter, if multiple courts and leading medical authorities described someone or their research in this way – would you rely on them to build a case in front of the Supreme Court?

That’s what anti-abortion groups are doing right now, and we’re calling them out.

This week, the ACLU filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine – a case that could have serious repercussions for people’s ability to access abortion and miscarriage care nationwide.

You can take action too, by adding your name to our petition today urging the court to protect medication abortion now. Because, plain and simple, this is a case where an extreme anti-abortion group is using junk science to try to achieve their goal of banning abortion nationwide.

So far, they’ve found receptive ears from the judges they hand-selected to hear their case. But that’s why we’re fighting back in the Supreme Court, including filing this brief.

ACLU Supporter, our amicus brief thoroughly demonstrates how the Texas courts relied heavily on discredited experts and transparently flawed, biased research to roll back access to mifepristone – an essential and safe FDA-approved medication used in most abortions in the country and to manage miscarriages. The Texas district court even recited “statistics” about medication abortion drawn from 98 anonymous blog posts.

It’s terrifying to think that courts could strip away access to such a critical medication based on the say-so of unqualified ideologues and laughably shoddy research. But that is exactly the world we will be living in unless the Supreme Court makes this right.

We will never stop fighting to protect access to this safe and effective medication. As we continue this effort at SCOTUS, you can speak out with us by adding your name to our petition today.

Thank you as always for being with us in the fight for reproductive rights and all civil liberties.

More soon,

Julia Kaye
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