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ACLU Supporter –

ACLU Supporter, as we continue to assess the results of Super Tuesday primaries yesterday, my team and I are already looking ahead.

I’ll be clear: Trump’s authoritarian plans would be catastrophic for our democracy, our essential freedoms, and every right you and I hold dear. He has been specific about exactly what his anti-immigrant, anti-trans, anti-abortion, anti-democracy agenda entails – and a second term threatens us all. Fears of irreparable threats to our democracy and freedoms are neither abstract nor hyperbolic.

But one thing I know is that terrifying as these threats are, despair and resignation are not a strategy. Our team right now is working relentlessly to fight for pro-civil liberty initiatives down the ballots. Meanwhile, our lawyers are working around the clock to stop voter suppression and protect your ability to vote safely.

With so much on the line this November, we also can’t afford to go into the general election unprepared. That’s why I’m already working with our team on our battle-tested playbook to ensure we are ready for ANY president – strengthening our legal strategy, consulting with our policy teams to make sure we stay one step ahead, and mobilizing organizers on the ground to fight back.

We’ve already faced a Trump presidency once – and while I share the fear of what a second term would entail, I know that we have the strategy to stop him. Trump and his allies may have spent the last four years plotting their revenge, but we’ve gotten stronger, too.

We know how to protect our communities – and we’re not afraid to do whatever it takes.

Here are just a few examples of how we’ve fought back:

  • We’ve taken 434 legal actions against the Trump Administration – defeating the worst proposed policies and delaying the implementation of others.
  • We helped reunite 3,200 families at the border – thanks to our unique reach, combined legal and grassroots strategy, and supporters like you.
  • In the years since Dobbs overturned Roe v. Wade, we’ve fought for – and won – major progress for abortion access at the ballot box.
  • And we continue to push for federal legislation reforming the Electoral Count Act, revitalizing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and ensuring every eligible voter is fairly counted.

ACLU Supporter, the state of politics right now can be terrifying. But amidst the uncertainty, the ACLU has your back – and we have a plan to protect us all. Read more about how we can fight back here.

I’ve never been more grateful for the strength of our ACLU community. Together as voters, advocates, and lawyers, I know we can be ready for whatever November holds.


Anthony D. Romero
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Executive Director, ACLU

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