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Run for State Delegate – 8th LD

8th LD Democrats, good evening.

To date, we’ve had five people sign up to become delegates to the state convention. We have room for 15 more.

We need you to join in.

This is our chance to influence the state party. Never before have all legislative districts had the same allotment of delegates — the west side always had us at a disadvantage. But now, if we can show up with other east side LDs like our brothers and sisters in the 16th LD, we can effectively put east side values into the state Democratic platform.

You do not have to travel — this convention will be hybrid, allowing you the fullest possible participation from the comfort of your home.

However, you still need to register. Head to https://wadelegateregistration2024.com/ to sign up by March 31. Email chair Jake Dorsey (dorsey.jake@gmail.com) if you’ve got 8th LD questions, or email delegateinfo@wa-democrats.org for specific questions about the convention.

Thank you for the consideration!

8th LD Democrats
PO Box 636
Richland, WA 99352