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Ready to get involved?
¿Listo para el trabajo?
We will win this primary, but we will need every volunteer we can find.
Ganaremos esta primaria, pero necesitaremos a todos los voluntarios que podamos encontrar.

We have a variety of upcoming events that anyone could help with- regardless of their prior experience in volunteering.  If you can hold a phone or a pen and care about democracy, we have a way to get votes out with your help!  We need to reach 65000 people in June, and we know from multiple studies of prior elections that the biggest motivator is personal contact.  That’s where you can make a difference!  You can be that point of contact that makes the difference between a ballot in the mail or in the trash.  Will you help?

Tenemos una variedad de próximos eventos con los que cualquiera podría ayudar, independientemente de su experiencia previa como voluntario. Si puede sostener un teléfono o un bolígrafo y se preocupa por la democracia, ¡tenemos una manera de obtener votos con su ayuda! Necesitamos llegar a 65000 personas en junio, y sabemos por múltiples estudios de elecciones anteriores que el mayor motivador es el contacto personal. ¡Ahí es donde usted puede marcar la diferencia! Usted puede ser ese punto de contacto que marque la diferencia entre una boleta en el correo o en la basura. ¿Ayudará?

Upcoming Opportunities:

Thursday May 26th at 4:00pm on Zoom
Learn about all the various ways you can support the campaign! 

Every Tuesday (5:00-6:00pm) and Thursday (6:30-7:30pm)
If you don't want to use your own phone number, Google Voice can make phone banking anonymous and safe.

Every Saturday from 10:00-1:00pm and 3:00-6:00pm
Locations vary:  we would like to be in both Yakima and Tri-Cities weekly but we need volunteer coordinators to make it happen!  Would you like to help?  
Contact us!

You can have letter writing supplies and an address list delivered right to your home and work on it when you like- or contact us to get connected to a letter writing event in your community.